Show the world your DIY accomplishment! Win $20!

I would love to hear about your experience! And so will many others

Post a photo of your installation and let us know what you learned 

1 in 20 will win a $20 gift card of their choice!* 

Post your photo comment
Or email it to me and I will post it for you (still counts!)


*(Until Dec 31 2021) After every 20 valid posts entered, a random 20 sided die roll will pick the lucky winner! To be a valid post it must contain a helpful photo showing the installed ButtonWorx™ parts, at least a 10 word comment, a description of the repaired device including the make and or model and posted using the same name from a unique real order on P1repair website, eBay or Amazon store (no multiple or fake posts!)
Winner can pick a gift card from one of the following:
Subway, GrubHub, Petco, Big Lots, Staples, Domino’s, Apple, Lowes, Shaw’s, Safeway, Google Play, Panera, Target, Cabela’s
Winners will be posted below